Born in Alaska, Randy Walters grew up in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, Washington. He left the Pacific Northwest in the early ‘70s, when he attended Brown University in Rhode Island, focusing on synthesizers and earning his music degree in composition and performance. 

After graduation came the advent of the personal computer, and his early Apple II was followed by a series of Macs and increasingly sophisticated music, graphics, and animation software. Now working with Autodesk Maya, he continues to explore the synthesis of music and animation, progressing toward the long-term goal of directing and scoring his feature-length animated movie project.

Randy was the first individual (as distinct from a nation or corporation) to open a pavilion at the Internet 1996 World Exposition, and was featured in Carl Malamud’s book on the event, A World’s Fair for the Global Village. No stranger to the interwebs - long hosting, bastion of optimism - marks an active escalation of a personal Web presence.

Randy lives in Bristol, Rhode Island with his Bengal cat, Emma. He plays synthesizers and other keyboards, guitars, mandolin, sitar, tanpura, guqin, various recorders and bamboo flute, and was overjoyed with the outcome of the last presidential election.


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